About Us: The Inside Scoop

Located in the fine state of Wisconsin, the land of several cheeses, Safety Glasses Inc.’s humble beginnings read somewhat like an adventure novel (albeit not a very good one).  The company began when a couple of people thigh deep in the safety business took their unnerving love of eyes to the next level.  Safety Glasses Inc. branched off from its step mother’s brother’s company, Safety Plus Products Inc.  Safety Plus has been in the safety business since 1998, which is longer than most respectable sitcoms. 

This crack squad of optical protectors are led by Frank… (No one really knows his last name, even his checks are made payable to “Frank”)  Frank is Safety Glasses Inc.’s loveable spokesman, who is best known for his encyclopedic knowledge of misinformation.  Frank and the staff at Safety Glasses Inc. are focused on slightly above par service, exceptional quality, and injecting life into the “extreme” world of eye protection. 

Discover the easiest and most efficient way to buy safety glasses on the Internet. Let’s be honest, safety glasses are pretty lame, but they don’t have to be. You don’t have to look like a tool at work if you don’t want to. We help you find exactly what you’re looking for immediately. You have a pretty good idea what you’re looking for, don’t you? We want to save your time. Buying safety glasses that make you look good is a fun experience for the first time in history. Let me explain…

 1. Experience: We created a complete experience for you. You’ll love it. We make you feel safe, but we’ll stay out of your way if you’re one of those types that needs to be alone. We’re telling a story here, and you can be part of it. Hopefully, you’ll be here when they make the movie, Safety Glasses Inc: Be Careful, That Projectile Is Headed Straight Towards Your Eye!

 2. Personality: We have personality, unlike the other websites out there. Our spokesman, Frank, keeps you entertained.   You won’t be able to get enough of his product stories and comical insights. Imagine, for a moment it’s 1996 and the “Macarena” is in full force, that’s the kind of demand Frank gets. 

 3. Navigation: We have a simple funnel system that leads you to the glasses you want. You won’t spend hours looking at styles that you would never buy. A couple of pieces of duct tape and two sheets of saran wrap do not a pair of safety glasses make. 

 4. Design: Graphics enhance our position in the safety world. We have style. Frank has style. You’ll never find thirty thousand flash files on our website. It’s just not us. Although, Frank did want to put up a dancing baby. He was vetoed. It’s a balance game that lies somewhere in between flamboyant and boring.

 5. Photography: We provide detailed photography. We want to recreate the feeling of holding the product in your hand, without going to a store. You know exactly what you’re getting. Our pictures are so realistic that several people have accidentally jammed their heads through monitors while attempting to try some glasses on. 

  6. Product Information: Our products are displayed with a wealth of information so you can quickly identify and compare products. Our information eliminates questions. No one will ever look at a product and say, “So what?” “Should they be putting that there?” or “Who played Blanch on The Golden Girls?” 

7. Confusion: You will never be confused. We eliminate the need for customer service, because no stone is left unturned. (Excluding gull stones, those should be turned by a medical physician) Our information is available in logical places that are easy to find. Unlike your Uncle Dave’s sweatpants, that mysteriously disappeared in 1987 without much fanfare.  

8. Accounts: When you become a customer of Safety Glasses Inc., you ‘re always a member. You’ll open an account before you make your first purchase, and you’ll never have to painfully enter your address and personal information again. We have a lock box. 

9. Corporate Relationships: We make it easier for companies and corporations to make large quantity purchases. We offer discounts and provide a low hassle process that makes a purchaser’s job easier. You can play five more games of Solitaire on your computer while you’re “buying safety glasses for the crew.” 

 10. For People Who Need Ten: We offer ten reasons to shop with us, instead of the 5 or 6 that other safety companies offer. 
 Our commitment to you is an example that personal service from a small business is still alive and well, and appreciated in today’s economic environment of large corporate giants such as Enron and other bustling corporations.
 The staff of Safety Glasses Inc, especially Frank, would like to extend their deepest thanks to you for your continued business and letting us protect your eyeballs (Or eyeball, depending on the situation.)

 Our Guarantee
Your complete satisfaction* is our guarantee on every order. If you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days, simply call us at 1-888-549-1700 FREE.

* Note- the term  “complete” is very subjective, but we’ll leave it up to you.

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