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DeWalt Protector Clear Lens Safety Glasses


DeWalt Protector Clear Lens Safety Glasses
Item : DWDPG54-1D

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*Free Shipping On Orders Over $75** The clear lens on these safety glasses are great for indoor use, and when you need eye protection with a high level of visual light transmission.

* The rubber tipped temples on these safety glasses keep you more secure than an obese man in a Speedo.

* With a distortion free lens, these glasses will never feel like someone else’s prescription lenses

* Loved by men and women alike, these safety glasses could become the next Barry Manilow.

* These safety glasses weigh less than an ounce, which is almost like wearing two squares of toilet paper for eye protection.

* These polycarbonate lenses are among the strongest lenses available. Even Superman wears safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses

* Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 + standards

* Provides 99.9% UV Protection

Also Available In: * Clear Anti-Fog Lens * Indoor/Outdoor Lens

Eye protection is serious business. I make little wood toys for kids, and I try to make them pretty exciting. As you would assume I try to use jagged edges to get some of the shapes my toys need. My toys bring laughter to the hearts of children everywhere, but I wasn’t laughing when a piece of wood got lodged in my eyeball. After some extensive surgery I found Safety Glasses Inc. I found what they call “safety glasses” on their website. You wear them like eyeglasses and they stop projectiles from entering your eyeballs. They’ve been working great, but my business seems to be taking a plunge while lawsuits pile up. And for the record let me say that the words “toy” and “fun” are subjective, and toys shouldn’t have age restrictions. Also, I have directed all of the families involved in the “toy accident of the century” to Safety Glasses Inc.Roger Stevens
Maple Point, IL


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