Elvex 91 Series ProChap Chainsaw Chaps


Elvex 91 Series ProChap Chainsaw Chaps
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  • *Free Shipping On Orders Over $75** These chainsaw chaps have full calf protection to keep those beautifully sculpted legs looking good.

    * These chainsaw chaps are equipped with Prolar. Prolar works by jamming the chain of the saw against the bar and sprocket. This stops any chainsaw dead in its tracks.

    * These chaps contain 2,600 feet per minute chain stopping action. That’s faster than I can tune out Uncle Larry’s penny candy stories.

    * These chaps are designed for the professional chainsaw user, even if you were drafted out of high school.

    * These Prochaps provide extended protection on the side of the leg, which is statistically where most injuries occur. Statistically these are amazing.

    * The Prolar pads are lightweight and reduce heat build up, unlike deodorant that claims to be strong enough for man, but PH balanced for a woman.

    * The 1,000 denier nylon cover fabric is abrasive resistant. I bet it would resist most mother-in-laws.

    * The apron-style design of these chaps make them easy to put on and take off. If only all pants could be this magical.

    * Leg straps and buckles keep these chaps close to your skin. Always wear pants with ProChaps.

    * These chaps are equipped with a front pocket for bracelettes and sand dollars.

    * These chaps will accomodate up to a 44″ waist.

    * Meets all OSHA requirements.

    * The length of the chaps are measured from the waist. This is not an inseam measurement. No, I won’t measure for you.

    * Meets all of the APA and ASTM standards.

    Feature Comparison

        90 Series 94 Series 91 Series
    420 Denier Nylon x        
    1,000 Denier Nylon       x x
    Calf Protection       x


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