Elvex Elite Gray Frame Clear Lens Safety Glasses


Elvex Elite Gray Frame Clear Lens Safety Glasses
Item : ELSG-200C-GR

Price :

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* A clear lens works best for indoor applications and anytime you need a pair of safety glasses that will allow the maximum amount of visible light.

* Rubber-tipped temples keep these safety glasses on your face like barbeque sauce.

* Yes, these are the exact same frame as the Elvex RX200. Yes, it was that popular.

* This eye protection is equipped with a lightweight wrap style frame that is so light that even the weakest heads can support these safety glasses.

* A soft rubber nose bridge leaves these safety glasses resting comfortably on your face for the ultimate in safety pleasure. Goodbye nose aches.

* Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 + standards

* Provides 99.9% UV Protection

Also Available In:
* Black Frame Gray Lens
* Blue Frame Clear Lens
* Gray Frame Indoor/Outdoor Lens


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