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Elvex Go-Specs II Camo w/ Amber AF Lens


Elvex Go-Specs II Camo w/ Amber AF Lens
Item : ELGG-45A-Cam

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    Check out our new safety glasses Hybrid! Go-Specs™ provide an extra measure of protection in dusty and dirty environments. Wind blown particles such as dust, sand, cement, and chemicals can cause serious eye irritation and damage. Also beneficial for contact wearers and suffers of dry eye syndrome.

    *Includes removable temples and strap temples

    *Impact resistant molded lens with SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating.

    *EVA flame retardant foam lined.

    *Enjoy the Foam lining for a tight seal.

    *Automatic swivel adjustment of strap angle.

    *99% UV protection for UV A, B and C.

    *Meets ANSI Z87 (+) standards.

    *High velocity impact resistant.


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