Elvex RX-100 Gray 1.5 Lens Bifocal Safety Glasses


Elvex RX-100 Gray 1.5 Lens Bifocal Safety Glasses
Item : ELRX-100G-1.

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* When two powers combine the results are often greater than their individual parts (except for raw eggs and ice cream). Finally, safety glasses have become reading glasses!

* These safety glasses have a bifocal power of 1.5. Luckily you’re still in the lower half as far as power rates go, so tread carefully.


* The gray lens is suited for outdoor applications to reduce the fatigue and strain caused by sunlight, glare, and annoying coworkers. A gray lens also provides excellent color recognition.


* The temples on these bifocal safety glasses adjust to four different lengths to accommodate your face. Add a four-cheese pizza to that and you’ve got yourself a deal.


* These bifocal safety glasses come complete with built in side shields, just like all good motorcycles come with sidecars.


Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 + standards


Provides 99.9% UV Protection


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