Elvex Sonoma Light Brown Lens Safety Glasses


Elvex Sonoma Light Brown Lens Safety Glasses
Item : ELSG-350LB

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    The new Sonoma safety glass model is probably the best looking model in the Elvex product line. It seems to fit a great variety of facial configurations very well.

    *Hard coat polycarbonate lens.

    *Light brown lens provides 50% VLT (visible light transmission), is an alternative to indoor/outdoor lens, but with less glare.

    *Sophisticated design and and great style!

    *Skin tone frame colors, including tortoise finish.

    *Clear, light brown, brown and gold mirror lens options, for different work environments.

    *The brown lens provides the same light attenuation (18-20% VLT) as our standard gray lens.

    *Complies with ANSI Z87.1-2003 (Z-87+).

    *Also available as a bifocal model (RX-350)


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