Elvex Visionaire Single Clear Lens Safety Goggles


Elvex Visionaire Single Clear Lens Safety Goggles
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    * The clear lens is ideal for indoor applications when you need eye protection, and when you eat (to protect against errant forks).

    * The 2.2 mm thick lenses on these safety glasses provide all of the impact resistance you could ask for. If you asked for any more, you might meet an untimely end.

    * Fog resistance is drastically improved by four indirect ventilation slots, and by staying out of fog rich areas.

    * Wide contact between the goggles and your face provide as much comfort as hot pink spandex (A lot).

    * The unique nose bridge is functional and adds an excellent seal (Not the animal).

    * The Visionaire safety goggles are equipped with an extra wide and adjustable support strap. (This is not a brazier for your goggles).

    * Meets ANSI Z87+ Standards


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