Radians Cheaters Bifocal Indoor/Outdoor 1.5 Lens Safety Glasses


Radians Cheaters Bifocal Indoor/Outdoor 1.5 Lens Safety Glasses
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*Free Shipping On Orders Over $75** An indoor/outdoor lens is a clear lens with a small mirror coating on it. The mirror coating reflects light and reduces glare. It also reflects artificial light, while the clear lens allows in more light than a gray lens. These lenses are for individuals who have trouble making up their mind.

* These safety glasses have a bifocal power of 1.5. Luckily you’re still in the lower half as far as power rates go, so tread carefully.

* This eyewear combines protective safety glasses with bi-focal reading glasses. Now you can protect your eyes from getting even worse.

* The temple pads keep your safety glasses in place and on your face, no matter how much you dance at work.

* The magnification diopters are molded directly into the polycarbonate lens and are not attached with stickers, so you don’t have to worry about being a Cyclops if one sticker should happen to fall off.

* The frame is made of nylon. (By nylon, I mean the hard synthetic polymer and not women’s hosiery).

* The vented nosepiece is light and breathable, it’s not a new breathing apparatus.

* Meets ANSI Z87.1 + standards

* Provides 99.9% UV Protection

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