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Radians Mirage Small Clear Lens Safety Glasses


Radians Mirage Small Clear Lens Safety Glasses
Item : RDMRS110ID

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* These safety glasses are great for smaller faces and the clear lenses of this eye protection allows the maximum amount of visible light transmission, making this safety eye ideal for indoor applications.

* The Mirage Small is 10% smaller than the original Mirage to fit a greater range of individuals. These safety glasses are perfect for individuals who lack big bulbous heads or children.

* These safety glasses have optically correct and distortion free lenses, so it will never feel like you’re looking through a bottle of Pepsi

* These wrap around safety glasses provide great coverage for a low price, and they are more efficient than eye patches.

* The design of this protective eyewear allows for a perfect fit for men and women, unlike high heels. Make a note of this safety managers.

* This eye protection weighs less than an ounce. If it were any lighter you’d be pretending to put on safety glasses.

* Meets ANSI Z87.1 + standards

* Provides 99.9% UV protection


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