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Smith & Wesson Code 4 Gray Lens Safety Glasses


Smith & Wesson Code 4 Gray Lens Safety Glasses
Item : SW3011690

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Grayed A. The gray lens is suited for outdoor applications to reduce the fatigue and strain caused by sunlight, glare, and annoying coworkers. A gray lens also provides excellent color recognition.

No DJs. DJs need not apply for these safety glasses because they are scratch resistant, just like elephants. Have you ever tried to scratch an elephant? Impossible.

Riblet. The ribbed non-slip nose cushions and temple tips provide all day comfort on these safety glasses. Unfortunately, they do nothing to eliminate uncomfortable work.

Stop It. A unique hinge stop prevents the temples of your safety glasses from scratching the inside of the lens when closed. Finally, someone caged those beasts.

Brand It. With the Smith & Wesson name on the side, people love these safety glasses. Unless, you think branding is safety glass cruelty.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 + standards

Provides 99.9% UV Protection

Also Available In:
Black Frame Copper Lens
Black Frame Mirror Lens
Black Frame Clear Lens

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