DeWalt Reinforcer Gray Lens Safety Glasses


DeWalt Reinforcer Gray Lens Safety Glasses
Item : DWDPG58-2D

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* The Gray lens on these DeWalt Reinforcers are ideal for outdoor conditions and anytime eye fatigue from the sun may be an issue.

* The temples of these safety glasses have a handgrip pattern that is ergonomically positioned to keep these glasses on your face. Trust me, this grip is stronger Sylvester Stallone’s grip in Cliffhanger.

* A soft rubber non-slip nosepiece keeps this eye protection in place comfortably. It’s a much better choice than staples.

* Rubber temples add cushion and grip to these safety glasses, much like a waterbed with no sheets on the most humid day of the summer.

* The tough polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and keep toenails where they should be, not in your eye.

* These safety Glasses have a distortion free lens that keeps your vision clear. This isn’t like opening your eyes in river water.


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